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Thank you for visiting our site. The financial world can be complex and confusing as people today have access to so much information. It is difficult to navigate through all the data and can be overwhelming. At Capital Financial, we have done our best to simplify the process for you. Our firm’s approach is grounded in our core principles. 

Our client’s needs come first, every time. We work in an independent model, which means, unlike some other firms, we are not beholden to a company or product. One size does not fit all—your situation is unique, and your financial plan should be too. Our team of experienced advisors approach the business with honesty and integrity and are ready to work with you on your financial future. Our mission remains unchanged, staying laser-focused on what is important, our clients!

Ken Forrester, President and CEO of Capital Financial Strategies 

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Your life is complex, and so are your finances, but chances are, you don’t want to have to focus on how your portfolio is performing. Instead, you’d like to invest your time in more important things in life. Contact our team today to learn how our independent financial planning and investment advice can help enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and create a lasting legacy for your family.

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